Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Syrian elections

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement regarding the elections held today by the Syrian regime.

The statement read: “The elections organized today by the Syrian regime are of an illegitimate character which does not reflect the free will of the people. The said elections, held under free and unjust conditions, are incompatible with the letter and spirit of UN security. Council Resolution 2254 (UNSC) on the political solution of the Syrian conflict. Also reveals the insincere approach to the subject. “the phrase was used.

The statement stressed that it is important that the regime does not allow attempts at artificial legitimacy by highlighting the known elections and that it is important to continue the uninterrupted political process carried out under the facilitation of the UN, under the ownership and leadership of the Syrians, and stressed that Turkey will continue its efforts in this direction with determination and solidarity with the Syrian people.

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