Statement by Turkey that catches Stoltenberg’s attention: “It is important to remember that this is an important NATO ally”

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Stoltenberg attended the panel organized in partnership with NATO, the German Council on Foreign Relations and the Bookings Institution by videoconference.

Explaining NATO’s Vision 2030, Stoltenberg spoke about Turkey’s importance to the North Atlantic Alliance on one issue.

Stoltenberg said:

“It is important to remember that Turkey is an important NATO ally. When we look at the map, we can see the importance of its territory, its size, and that it is NATO’s only partner with borders with Iraq and Syria. Turkey’s infrastructure and airports have been extremely important in the fight against DAESH. “

Stressing that Turkey plays an important role in the global coalition against DAESH, Stoltenberg said: “We will continue to work closely with NATO member Turkey to stabilize our ‘southern neighborhood’. mentionned.

Stoltenberg recalled that Turkey is also in a critical position for the crisis of migrants and asylum seekers.

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Stressing that the Alliance is an important platform to overcome differences and disagreements within NATO, Stoltenberg said the mechanism established between Turkey and Greece to prevent conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean is an example. The most important.

“It’s a huge thing, because this kind of tension can cause really dangerous situations and damage,” Stoltenberg said. He said he was satisfied with the drop in tensions in the eastern Mediterranean in recent months.

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