Strong statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the Miçotakis must stop denying Turkish identity!

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In the statement made on the ministry’s Twitter account, support was given to the Advisory Council of the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace (BTTA), which condemned the statements by Greek Prime Minister Miçotakis as “village of Pomak” towards the Turkish village of Pashevik in Greece and “Greek Children” towards Turkish children.

In the statement, the part of BTTA was quoted and “We support this statement of the Advisory Board of BTTA and once again we call on Greece to end the denial of Turkish identity of our relatives living in their country and to implement the decisions of the ECtHR in this area. direction. ” expressions were used.

BTTA made a statement criticizing the terms “Pomak villages” and “Greek children” used by the Miçotakis during a video conference held on May 18 in Pashevik, Xanthi, with state kindergarten teachers and students who study there.

“Pomakohoria” (Pomak villages) and the children of the Turkish minority “Ellinopula” (Greek children) during the video conference held by the Greek Prime Minister, M. We consider this attitude as a denial of our legitimate identity in the face of the demands of the minority. We call on the government to abandon such taxation policies and to be more constructive about the freedom of the minority to express themselves. “statements have been included.

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