Süleyman Ciliv: We will continue to work in Afghanistan

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Noting that they have not been bothered by the Taliban so far, Ciliv said he did not expect to encounter any negativity since they have been operating in the country for many years and in such a critical area. than electric power.

Explaining that they employ 60 Turkish people in various projects across the country, especially the Kandahar Power Plant, Ciliv said they do not plan to participate in evacuation flights and will continue to work here as they’ve been doing it for years. Ciliv also said that although Turkish companies are mentioned especially in infrastructure projects such as highways, Afghan contractors actually do the work, so the number of Turkish workers in the country is not very high.

Council Chairman Ciliv also noted that unlike the panic scenes in the capital, the situation in Kandahar is fairly calm and life continues its normal course.

Süleyman Ciliv: We will continue to work in Afghanistan

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