Superb research on the coronavirus: its origin dates back 20,000 years

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According to the study published in the journal Current Biology, it was stated that 20,000 years ago there was an outbreak of Kovid-19 in East Asia which was so effective that it left a mark evolutionary in the DNA of people living today.

In the research, it was noted that the results showed that the old coronavirus had been effective in the region for years, indicating that the current Kovid-19 outbreak could have dire consequences if not controlled by the vaccination.

David Enard, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Arizona, who led the study, said: “We should be concerned about this. The current epidemic could continue for generations and generations.” made his assessment.

It was announced that Enard and other scientists involved in the research were studying the effects of existing coronaviruses on the DNA of people carrying the virus, rather than looking at their genes, and it was found that viruses cause huge changes in the human genome over generations. .

In the research, it has been pointed out that viruses and humans pass on the mutations they develop against each other to subsequent generations, pointing out that scientists are examining the human genome within these patterns of genetic variation to reconstruct the history of viruses.

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It was said that scientists who determined that 42 of these genes have a dominant version in populations of East Asia, saw the results as a strong sign that people in that region were adapting to the ancient coronaviruses. .

In the study, it was estimated that all of these genes developed antiviral mutations between 20 and 25,000 years ago, probably over several centuries, while what is surprising is the question of how the virus came to be. so spread when East Asians, who were hunter-gatherers at the time, did not live in dense communities.

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