Surprise decision of Eurovision! This year will be implemented for the first time

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The 65th Eurovision Song Contest, which was canceled last year due to the coronavirus outbreak, began with the opening ceremony held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Sunday evening. The first semi-final will take place tomorrow, the second semi-final will take place on Thursday and the final will take place on Saturday.

In the semi-finals and in the competition, where 3,500 spectators will be taken to the final, representatives of countries with a coronavirus detected in a person of the team will not be allowed to enter the room.

These countries will compete “from the tape” through previously recorded footage.

The Netherlands took first place on May 18, 2019 with the song performed by Duncan Laurence, and won the right to host the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. However, the event scheduled to be held in the city of Rotterdam due to the Kovid outbreak has been postponed until this year.

The competition to be held at the Ahoy Performing Arts Center began with the opening ceremony in which the artists were presented on the Erasmus Bridge on Sunday evening. The opening ceremony showed that this year’s competition will be different from the past in every way.

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The Icelandic and Polish delegations were unable to attend the opening ceremony as some team members were quarantined at the hotel because their coronavirus test was positive. The Maltese and Romanian teams staying in the same hotel with these countries were also not called for a cautious opening.

Montaigne, representing Austria, was unable to come to Rotterdam due to coronavirus restrictions in his country.

The first semi-final of the competition will take place with the public tomorrow evening. At the test center set up at the entrance to the Ahoy Show Center, all teams, auxiliary staff and members of the press participating in the competition will be tested every 48 hours.

Teams with a positive test result will not be allowed to enter the room and will be directly quarantined. Teams in this situation will participate in the competition using their previously recorded tape recordings.

Noting that during the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Poland, the coronavirus epidemic occurred due to parts hidden in hotel rooms, the organizing committee warns the teams participating in the song contest about this question.

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Officials, who do not want to congregate in hotel rooms and comply with the epidemic measures, say, “Otherwise, you will have to watch your recording on your hotel room television instead of singing in the lobby.”


During performances and rehearsals, the social distance rule of 1.5 meters will be applied. It will be mandatory to use a mask in closed areas. 200 thousand masks were purchased by the organizing committee. Masks will be distributed to everyone at the entrance.

With six repetitions, semi-finals and finals in the competition, 3,500 spectators will each be admitted. People over 70 and those who are part of the risk group due to certain conditions will not be able to participate in the hearing.

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In order for the public to enter the room, they will need to show a negative test result taken within the last 24 hours. Spectators, seated with a mouth mask and 1.5 meters apart, will also be prohibited from standing during the performance.

In the competition, 70 wireless microphones, 298 speakers, 12 voice control consoles with 4.2 kilometers of audio cable, 887 square meters of LED screen and 25 cameras will be used.

Surprise decision from Eurovision which will be implemented for the first time this year

In the event that 1083 hotel rooms have been reserved for artists and delegations, a total of 18 thousand food items will be distributed.

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The performance episode of the Eurovision Song Contest will cost around 26.5 million euros. The municipality of Rotterdam has also allocated 22 million euros for other expenses.

At the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, in which Turkey did not participate, Belarus was excluded from the competition because its lyrics were warned to contain political messages.

It has been claimed that the group “Galasy ZMesta”, which sent messages of support to President Alexander Lukashenko, targeted opponents of the regime with the song “I will teach you”.

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