Surprising image in Kabul! The women took to the streets …

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After the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and the seizure of power by the Taliban, one of the most curious problems in Afghanistan was the rights of women.

Taliban leaders have made moderate statements that women will play an important role in society and have access to education, but recent statements by some members of the group have fueled fears that the Taliban administration will revert to harsh policies. from two decades ago.


Just then, a group of women activists marched past Afghanistan’s presidential palace, chanting slogans with banners in hand, despite all the risks. Women have expressed their demands to assume a political role and to be included in the new government.

in the show “The rights of women and men are equal” and ‘“A society without women is a dead society” The banners with the words have been moved.

Addressing the crowd, he stressed that a society without women could never progress and demanded that women be included in the new administration. Noirhav, ‘“We have come together here to defend the material and moral rights of women and to make our voices heard in the world. he said.

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There were brief arguments between the Taliban guards and some women.

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