Surprising step by the WHO to find the origin of the virus

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The world has been talking about claims made about the origin of the coronavirus (Kovid-19) for some time.

In recent weeks, US reports have leaked China’s “coronavirus documents”, and the claim that China has been experimenting with this virus for years has become evident.

In no time, many scientists linked to the claim, which came to the top of the global agenda, called on the WHO to “do more comprehensive research”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has signed a decision that will make a lot of talk about the coronavirus epidemic.

Despite the scientific community’s call to investigate the Wuhan laboratory, the WHO turned the road to Italy.

In other words, the WHO surprised those who expected it to take a step for China, and so to speak, turned a corner.

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A study conducted in Italy in 2020 suggested that the virus was seen in Italy in 2019.

According to information from the British Daily Mail, the WHO has requested that the data on the research in question be retested.

According to the same news, Italian researchers sent the test samples collected during this period to Erasmus University in the Netherlands for checking.

An important statement has come from the World Health Organization (WHO) in recent months regarding the laboratory leak claim, which has been raised repeatedly since the start of the pandemic.

In the report published by the WHO, the risk that the coronavirus could be transmitted to humans via another animal, including bats, was raised, while the laboratory leak, where the conspiracy theories are common, was extremely weak.

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