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“Catastrophe” has crossed the world in a tangential way! NASA noticed after 1 day

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> Once again, Earth escaped the threat of meteorites unscathed. However, this time, the scientific world was able to detect the meteorite a day after its passage within 246,000 kilometers of our planet Earth. The distance in question is described as “close enough” given the size of the universe. Related News:Turkey and meteorites

The dreaded increase continues in the USA: Nearly 3,000 deaths from the coronavirus in one day!

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the number of people detected with the virus in the United States has exceeded 42 million 856,000. As a result of the virus, the total number of deaths across the country reached 687,000,106 with an increase of 2,000,739. While California ranked first in the

Election day in Russia: people at the polls

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> Due to the new type of measures against the coronavirus (Kovid-19), the voting process, which will take three days from today, first started in Kamchatka and in the Autonomous Region of Chukotka, located in the far east of the country. In the capital Moscow, people went to the polls in the morning.