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Italy made a quick decision: the “Green Pass” has become compulsory for 23 million employees!

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> In Italy, the government implemented in August to combat the epidemic of new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19); It has made the “Green Pass” certificate compulsory for working life, which certifies being vaccinated or having a test or having recently had Kovid-19. The broad coalition government led by Mario Draghi continues to broaden

Amazing event in Italy: This is how the dealer operator was caught, who took the scratch booth worth 5 million lire and ran away!

class = “cf”> A dealer operating in Italy escaped by taking the scratch ticket from its owner, who won a bonus of 500 thousand euros (around 5 million lire). The concession operator, wanted for two days, was arrested at the airport as he tried to flee abroad. In Naples, last Friday, a woman in her

Unprecedented environmental disaster in Italy: 30 million bees have been destroyed in the fires!

class = “cf”> As the fight against forest fires, particularly effective in southern parts of Italy, continues, millions of honey bees have disappeared due to the fires on the island of Sardinia. According to a statement made by Legambiente, one of the country’s largest environmental organizations, to BBC Turkish, it is estimated that at least

The FBI and Europol also participated in the investigation into the cyberattack that disrupted the vaccination process in Italy

class = “cf”> Due to the unresolved cyberattack since the end of last week, there are issues in the management of the healthcare system, including Covid vaccines, in the region. Those who live in the Lazio region with a population of around 6 million have not been able to access Covid vaccine appointments, tests and