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“Catastrophe” has crossed the world in a tangential way! NASA noticed after 1 day

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> Once again, Earth escaped the threat of meteorites unscathed. However, this time, the scientific world was able to detect the meteorite a day after its passage within 246,000 kilometers of our planet Earth. The distance in question is described as “close enough” given the size of the universe. Related News:Turkey and meteorites

Everything has disappeared around her … The world is talking about the ‘miracle house’ in the Canaries!

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> It has been reported that the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has been active since September 19 on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands group in southwestern Spain, has so far burned down 400 homes. The Autonomous Administration of the Canary Islands is trying to find a solution to the

Minister Çavuşoğlu announced to the world from Türkevi: we will continue to defend Cyprus until the end

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> AA- Meeting with representatives of the Turkish community at the New Turkish House in New York, Çavuşoğlu spoke about his memories of the old Turkish house and said that with the development and progress of Turkey and its vision, there is a need for a bigger Turkish house. Stating that they completed

The World Health Organization has warned: it causes 7 million deaths every year!

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that air pollution is much more dangerous than expected. The organization has lowered the safety limit for polluting substances such as nitrogen dioxide. According to the WHO, 7 million people die each year from diseases linked to air pollution. Low- and middle-income countries, whose economies

Appeal from Minister Çavuşoğlu to the world: engagement with Afghanistan must be maintained

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA) G20 foreign ministers gathered in an online meeting to discuss Afghanistan as part of the discussions at the 76th United Nations (UN) General Assembly. After the meeting, Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu posted on his Twitter account: “We shared our views on current issues, in particular the humanitarian situation and irregular migration. The

Ecuadorian President Lasso urges world to “cooperate on migration crisis”

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA-Photo: AP) – Lasso, in his address to the 76th United Nations (UN) General Assembly, said that instead of forcing people to migrate, the influx of immigrants can be stopped by increasing market opportunities. “WE DID NOT RETURN MILLIONS OF VENEZUALS TO LEAVE THEIR COUNTRIES” Expressing that Ecuador welcomes immigrants in a

President Erdogan’s book “A Fairer World is Possible” was presented on LED screens in New York

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA) – On the occasion of the promotion of President Erdogan’s book “A Fairer World is Possible”, promotions were made on led screens and mobile trucks in the streets and main streets of New York and Times Square. During the promotion organized by the Communication Department, President Erdoğan’s book was presented in

Strong earthquake in Australia! – News from the world

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA) According to a statement from Geoscience Australia, the epicenter of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake, which was announced in the Mansfield area, about 180 kilometers northeast of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, s’ is produced at a depth of 10 kilometers. Although no tsunami warning was issued after the severe earthquake,