Taliban attitude that catches US attention

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During the press conference, Price said that a Qatar Airways plane left Afghanistan with US citizens and many people with US residence permits, and they were happy about it.

When asked if the Taliban has shown flexibility in allowing US citizens and those who wish to leave Afghanistan, Price replied:

“(About the Taliban) We are not ready to generalize. What we have done is characterize what we have seen so far, and certainly, the departure of this Qatar Airways flight today was a welcome step, such additional steps will be welcomed not only by the United States but also by the international community.

While the international community will continue to hold the Taliban accountable for their public and private commitments, documents wishing to leave the country will be able to do so, Price said.

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Asked that the Taliban government is almost entirely made up of Taliban members and that the Home Secretary is on the US wanted list, Price said, “We have already expressed our reaction to the first government. temp worker. We have said that the lack of inclusiveness, the backgrounds of some people involved in government, is cause for concern. It certainly does not reflect what the United States hopes to see as part of his response.

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