Taliban flash messages! “We want to establish good relations with Turkey”

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Muttaki, during the press conference he held for the first time in the meeting room of the Foreign Ministry in Kabul, said that they wanted to establish good relations with Turkey as well as with others. country.

Expressing that they are in contact with the Turkish authorities, Muttaki said: “Our expectation from Turkey is to support the Afghan people and help the infrastructure works of Afghanistan, especially the reconstruction of the airport. from Kabul. We are in contact with Turkey on these issues. Our talks can be concluded as soon as possible, ” he said.

Muttaki noted that Turkey has good government.


Referring to the international conference on the “Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan” held in Geneva, Switzerland, Muttaki expressed his gratitude saying that they welcomed the pledge of over $ 1.1 billion to Afghanistan. at this conference.

Muttaki stressed that the Taliban will cooperate with donor countries and that this aid will be distributed in a transparent manner.

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Further, Muttaki called on the Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank to help the development of Afghanistan and said, “The blocking of Afghan money by the United States is a cruel measure. Humanitarian issues should not be associated with politics. noted.

Expressing that they have ensured the safe withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Emirhan Muttaki said the US has frozen Afghanistan’s reserves instead of thanking them.

Muttaki stressed that they want to establish good bilateral relations with all countries, including the United States, and that the United States should not put pressure on Afghanistan.

Expressing that the Taliban will increase investment opportunities in Afghanistan in order to improve the country’s economic situation, Muttaki said they are working on this issue.

Muttaki added that while most countries have responded positively to the establishment of the Taliban interim government, few countries have responded negatively.

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