Taliban leader Akhundzade reportedly in Kandahar

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In information broadcast by Ariana News in Afghanistan, it was claimed that Hibetullah arrived in Kandahar 4 days ago.

It was said that Hibetullah met with key Taliban figures in Kandahar about the future of Afghanistan and the government to be established in the country.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had said in a press release earlier that the group’s leader, Hibetullah, would appear in public soon.

After the Taliban took control of Kabul, some of the group’s leaders in Qatar traveled to Kandahar.


Mullah Hibetullah Akhundzade was elected leader of the Taliban on May 25, 2016, after former Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansur was killed in a drone attack by the United States.

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Akhundzade, 60, who joined groups fighting the Soviet occupation in the 1980s, was Mullah Mansur’s aide.

Akhundzade is reported to have given religious lectures and sermons in a village near the Pakistani border in Afghanistan for 15 years until his disappearance in May 2016.

There is only one widely known photograph of Mullah Hibetullah Akhundzade released by the Taliban. The Taliban leader was previously the chief justice of the group’s justice system.

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