Taliban say they will soon establish a regular army

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Taliban government chief of staff Qari Fasihuddin, in a speech at a conference in the capital Kabul, announced the Taliban administration’s plans for the country’s military system.

Noting that consultations and studies on building a strong and steady army in Afghanistan are continuing, Fasihuddin said this will be implemented in the near future.


On the other hand, Fasihuddin said they would remove “those who cause ethnic and resistance-based unrest” in the country and claimed that the “resistance fighters” want to drag the country into civil war.

33 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces came under Taliban control, but Panjshir province, north of the capital Kabul, remained in the hands of local groups.

The groups in question, grouped together under the name of the National Resistance Front, were led by Ahmed Massoud, son of the former Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud.

The Taliban announced on September 6 that clashes with the groups in Panjshir province were over and that they had regained full control of the area.

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On the same day, AA correspondents captured the provincial center, Bazarak, as the first media institution to enter the center of Penjshir.

It was observed that the Taliban forces maintained control of Bazarak and that clashes continued from time to time in the mountains.

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