Taliban spokesman speaks with AA: Bomb claim over airport attack

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Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mujahid said at least 90 people were killed and 148 injured in the attack at Kabul airport, according to information they had.

Asked about the allegations that US forces opened fire on the environment during the terrorist act, Mujahid said: “According to the report we received after the attack at Kabul airport, US soldiers opened fire on the panicking crowd. There were a lot of people. the low. As a result, civilians, including women and children, lost their lives. noted.

Stating that after the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from the country and the establishment of the new government, no organization will have an excuse to fight, Mujahid noted that those operating under the DAESH roof in Afghanistan did not come from ‘Iraq or Syria, but that those in the country were Afghans with the DEASH mentality.

Mujahid said that members of the Taliban are successful in providing security and can prevent Daesh-like structures.

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Stating that they left behind a war of nearly 20 years and that they are able to collect precise and clear intelligence information, Mujahid stressed that they do not need the help of any country. in the fight against organizations.


Stating that they want to have very good relations with Turkey, Mujahid said: “The Turkish people and the state are our friends. There are many reasons for our friendship to endure. noted.

Mujahid said the Taliban have special forces to ensure the security of the Kabul airport, and that it will not be difficult to ensure the security of the airport while ensuring the security of all of Afghanistan and of the capital Kabul.

The Taliban spokesman, regarding the logistical and technical needs of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, said: “Even though we had a conversation with Turkey, we assured them that there would be no security issue. noted.

Mujahid, who wants Turkey to continue supporting Afghanistan, said: “We also want to establish relations with Turkey in the field of economy. We need Turkey’s support in education as well as before. in this regard. We want the Turkish people and the state to maintain friendly relations. Because there are deep historical relationships between the Afghan people and the Turkish people. ” he said.

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Mujahid said that after the formation of the new government, the financial problems will be solved slowly and these problems are short term. We will ask for his extradition once the government is formed. noted.

Noting that they want the World Bank or various international sources to continue their aid to Afghanistan, Mujahid said that the Afghan people, who have just emerged from the war, need their support in all areas, especially in humanitarian and medical fields.

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The AA correspondent asked Mujahid where Taliban leader Mullah Hibetullah Ahunzade, who has been in hiding for years and has not shared any visual or audio recordings, and who is said to have died as a result, was questioned.

Mujahid said: “The name of our leader, Hibetullah Ahunzade, is not on the international blacklist. Therefore, there is no danger for him. Hibetullah Ahunzade is currently holding meetings in Kandahar. used the expression.

The Taliban thus shared their location, confirming for the first time that their leader was in Afghanistan.

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Mujahid said negotiations are continuing with Tajik leader Ahmet Massoud, who has resisted not handing over the Afghan province of Penjshir to the Taliban.

Noting that they don’t want a conflict in Punjshir, Mujahid said, “We don’t want to fight. We are in favor of negotiations. If negotiations fail, the area around Penchshir is already surrounded by Taliban forces. If we want to, we can grab it in a very short time. ”Said statements.

Mujahid said, “Our efforts to establish an inclusive government continue. Everyone’s rights will be taken into account in this government that will be established. noted.

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