Taliban: US must be held accountable for past actions

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Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid gave an assessment to the Chinese Media Group of the deaths of 10 civilians, including 7 children, from the same family, in the attack by a US drone on a vehicle in Kabul on the 29th. August.

Mujahid, who was appointed “deputy minister of culture and information” in the interim government formed in Afghanistan, said the attack in which 10 civilians were killed was not the only case committed by the United States.

Mujahid said, “(The United States) has been martyring civilians in Afghanistan for 20 years. used the expression.

Condemning the incident, which he called a human rights violation, Mujahid said such negligence led to a human catastrophe.

“The United States should be held accountable for its past actions and cooperate with the Afghan people as a means of redressing the deaths and oppression in the country,” Mujahid said. made his assessment.


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Mujahid expressed optimism about the decision to extend the mandate of UNAMA, the United Nations (UN) mission in Afghanistan, by 6 months, since UNAMA is an international organization within the UN.

Noting that Afghanistan is ready to maintain good relations with the international community, Mujahid called on the UN not to extend UNAMA’s mandate, but to take effective measures to make the voice of the Afghan people heard and to help the Afghan people. Afghans.

Mujahid said the UN should play a positive political role with the Afghans.

On September 17, the UN Security Council decided to extend the mandate of UNAMA, the UN mission in Afghanistan, by 6 months.


While in the final stages of the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, a US Air Force drone was tracked for hours in Kabul on August 29, claiming that “the Afghan branch of Daesh belongs to the elements of Daesh / H and will launch an attack on the airport in Kabul. ”It was reported that he had hit the vehicle.

It has been determined that Zumaray Ahmedi, 43, who worked as an electrical engineer at Nutrition and Education International (NEI), a California-based charity and lobbying group, died from an airstrike when he entered the garden of his house, and 10 civilians, including 7 children, from the same family, were killed in the attack.

It was learned that Ahmed Nasser, who was among the dead, was a translator working for the US military.

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