Tel Abyad district cleared of YPG / PKK terrorist organization obtains electricity

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As the YPG / PKK terrorist organization deprived residents of the Spring of Peace region of Syria’s largest water resources, Akenerji erected its first pole.

The director of electricity of the local Tel Abyad council, Cafer Dede, told Anadolu (AA) agency that the first pole of the Turkish company that will supply the region with electricity has been erected.

Stating that the transformer to be supplied by the Turkish company will operate in Tel Abyad on June 25, Dede said the power grid and infrastructure issues will be resolved within a week.

Dede said: “The residents are very happy today. Tel Abyad will receive electricity as soon as possible. People will no longer care about the generators.” mentionned.


Ammar Abu Gazal from Tal Abyad said he was happy to see the utility pole and hoped the neighborhood would be lit up soon.

Gazal said: “What does the citizen want besides basic services such as electricity, water and municipal services? He needs electricity to run all the materials in the house, including the refrigerator. Now let’s meet the nostalgia for cold water with the future electricity, he spoke.

İsmail Fares said the biggest problem faced by the residents of Tal Abyad after their release from terrorist captivity was the power failure.

Fares said that with this step, the student will not worry about electricity while in school, while the trader plans to open a business, and when the citizen is looking for cold water in the refrigerator.

Hamada Hamad on the other hand, “The first pole has been erected. We expect the electricity to arrive as soon as possible. Those who are considering opening a business will no longer care about the electricity. people will be comfortable. ” mentionned.

Efforts to revive the economy and improve infrastructure in the districts of Tal Abyad and Rasulayn, which were rescued from the YPG / PKK terrorist organization with Operation Peace Spring, are continuing with Turkish support.

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