The Albanian Parliament approved the impeachment request of President Ilir Meta!

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In the parliamentary vote, 104 MPs voted for Meta’s impeachment, while 7 voted to keep him in office. Three members of parliament abstained.

Before the vote, the report of the parliamentary committee of inquiry on Meta stated that “President Meta has seriously violated the constitution”.

Speaking in parliament, Prime Minister Edi Rama said Meta had “betrayed” his mission and said: “Meta has humiliated the constitution. Albania can no longer support Meta”. mentionned.

It was pointed out that the decision taken in Parliament today will be submitted to the Constitutional Court and that the final decision on Meta’s dismissal will be taken within three months.

If Meta is removed from office, the Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Gramoz Ruchi, will remain president.

The Socialist Party of Albania seized parliament on the grounds that Meta had acted unconstitutionally before the parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021 and during the electoral campaign.

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