The anti-vaccine mother died in the hospital where her daughter was vaccinated as a nurse!

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The obituary published in a newspaper in England last week caught the attention of others because it contained a rather painful story.

Nurse Amy Crosby, 34-year-old nurse Amy Crosby shared a message of condolence for her mother who died of coronavirus. Crosby’s mother, Geraldine Maunt, 57, has died at James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough. Geraldine Maunt succumbed to covid-19 …

Unfortunately, Geraldine Maunt did not believe in covid-19 or the vaccines developed against it; The unfortunate girl was therefore an anti-vaccine. Ironically, her daughter Amy was a nurse at the hospital where her mother died. In addition, a nurse in charge of covid-19 vaccination requests from those who come to the hospital!

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Amy Crosby, in a post she shared on her social media accounts, said her anti-vaccine mother was a healthy adult with no previous health issues and had been ill for a year and a half at because of her mother’s disbelief in the virus and her opposition to vaccination.

Amy described how her anti-vaccine mother spent a month in the hospital away from loved ones, in pain and not knowing if she would ever be able to breathe again. As the nurse who vaccinates people, the young woman said that it makes me very sad that my mother was sacrificed to coronavirus in a preventable way, in the hospital where I worked, and stressed that she hoped that she would change the minds of anti-vaccination people by sharing her experiences with the world.

Vaccine mother dies in hospital where daughter was vaccinated as a nurse

Amy, who thanked the hospital staff for their efforts to save her mother, wrote in the last lines that she wrote to her mother, I hope you can only remember the happy times you are in peace now.

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