The biggest science prize in Spain went to Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci and a group of scientists.

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The Princess of Asturias Prize, Technical and Scientific Research Jury, awarded the 2021 prize for their contribution to the discovery of vaccines Kovid-19, Uğur Şahin (doctor), Özlem Türeci (doctor), Katalin Kariko (biochemist), Drex Weissman (immunologist), Philip Felgner (immunologist), Derrick Rossi (biologist) and Sarah Gilbert (vaccine expert) announced the award.

The jury announced the reason why these scientists were awarded the following words:

“Their work is a prime example of the importance of basic science for maintaining global health. With their long career in basic research, they have pioneered innovative applications such as the creation of effective vaccines for combating the COVID-19 pandemic Both the development of a new technology, RNA, and adenovirus-based vaccines. Their production has opened up hope for their use against other diseases as well. “


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Uğur Şahin, in a statement to the Princess of Asturias Foundation upon receiving the award, said: “The Princess of Asturias Award is important because it is an excellent recognition that science can make a difference for humanity. I am very grateful that our research and work can contribute to the fight against this epidemic and help many people. ‘Used the expression.

Özlem Türeci said: “It is an honor to be among the recipients of the Princess of Asturias Prize. I am deeply honored to be recognized as a worthy ambassador with this award, which defines the main goal of science as the improvement of life. made the statement.


The prizes, awarded in Spain since 1981 and named for the first time “Prince of Asturias”, were named “Princess of Asturias” in honor of the eldest daughter of Princess Leonor, who became the heir to the throne in 2014, when the current King Felipe VI succeeded his father.

A statuette of Joan Miro, a diploma, a badge and 50 thousand euros are given to the winners of the prizes awarded in 8 categories in total.

The award ceremonies traditionally take place in October of each year at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo, in the Asturias region.

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