The blood-curdling confession of the murder that shook the world … He raped and killed!

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Police officer tried for alleged murder of Sarah Everard in England confesses to crime

Wayne Couzens, a 48-year-old police officer in England, confessed to kidnapping and raping Sarah Everard.

Police officer Couzens, who allegedly killed Everard, 33, who disappeared on his way home on the evening of March 3 in the capital, London, and whose body was found days later, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and rape charges at the Old Bailey Court.

Sarah Everard, deceased at the age of 33

Couzens also claimed responsibility for Sarah Everard’s death.


Sarah Everard went missing on the evening of March 3, as she was leaving her friend’s house for her home, and the human remains found on March 10 in Kent, near London, belonged to Everard.

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Police officer Wayne Couzens, involved in the kidnapping and murder, was arrested by the court on March 13.

The blood-curdling confession of the murder that shook the world ... he raped and killed

Wayne Couzens, murderer of Sarah Everard

On the same day, police intervened in the Everard commemoration ceremony and arrested at least 4 women.

As Everard’s murder sparked discussion about safe streets in the country, women have voiced their fears and experiences on social media.

Meanwhile, the opposition stressed that 118 women were killed last year and called on the government to take more drastic measures.


Sarah Everard was a 33 year old woman working in marketing. At 9:20 p.m. on March 3, after visiting a friend in south London, he decided to walk home. He had to complete the 4 kilometer road through a large open park and on a busy street. However, after the phone call he made with his lover, he last appeared on a home security camera at 9:28 pm. Police could not confirm whether he had reached his home or not.

London talked about Everard’s disappearance for a week. Friends and family launched a campaign, police demanded information, interviews were conducted in 750 houses on the street where Everard was last seen. Within days, a 48-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, and after a while he turned out to be a police officer. Human remains found in a wooded area 65 kilometers from London on March 10 have been confirmed to belong to Sarah, thanks to the compatibility of dental records.

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The 48-year-old suspect Couzens was said to be a member of an elite unit in diplomatic missions, including Parliament and the Prime Minister’s office, and was not on duty at the time of his disappearance. Everard.

The impact of Everard’s murder on society was unprecedented. After the incident, old files are opened, thousands of women talk about the violence they have faced on social networks. This weekend, police intervention with women who wanted to hold a commemorative event by breaking coronavirus regulations in the park where Everard spent the night of his murder was reflected in the press with unforgettable executives , this time the talk of police violence erupted above.

The blood-curdling confession of the murder that shook the world ... he raped and killed

Unfortunately, this event made it possible to reach an agreement with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the British Home Secretary Piriti Patel. “Walking in the streets should not be the cause of death” banners were displayed. “No one should have expected us to stay home after years of repression, anger and trauma,” the women said. Thousands of bouquets of flowers, cards and banners were placed in the middle of the park and commemorations were held every day for weeks after the event.

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