The ceasefire reached 3 days ago in Dera has been broken!

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Dera Central Committee spokesman Adnan Masalme, who is negotiating with Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the southern Syrian province of Dera, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the regime’s forces, made up of the army of the regime and foreign terrorist groups backed by Iran, have broken the ceasefire agreement reached 3 days ago by formulating new demands.

Stating that an agreement has been reached on the establishment of 3 military points in Dera el-Beled in accordance with the agreement, Masalme said the regime has not complied and has increased the number of military points to be established in the neighborhood from 3 to 9.

Masalme said the insistence of the Iran-backed 4th Division within the ranks of the Assad regime to search all homes in Dera el-Beled and hand over all small arms is unacceptable to the people of Daraa.

Stating that negotiations with regime forces have entered a closed lane, Masalme said: “The ceasefire agreement in Daraa is at an impasse. The regime and Iran have broken the agreement. We have conveyed our request to the security forces of the Assad regime and to provide a safe route to Russia, Jordan or Turkey. ” he said.

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A civilian from Daraa, who did not want his name revealed for security reasons, said the Assad regime wanted revenge on the residents of Daraa who rejected the so-called presidential elections, and that mass immigration was the only option. to save the people from this revenge.

The Assad regime and its supporters have been blockading the Dera el-Beled neighborhood for two and a half months.


A ceasefire agreement was reached on September 1, mediated by Russia, between the security forces of the Assad regime and the Deraa Central Committee (Dara Reconciliation Center), which is conducting negotiations.

According to the agreement, the 8th Russian-backed Regiment would enter Dera el-Beled to establish 3 military posts. It was agreed that only the 8th Regiment and military security personnel from Dera would be present at these points, and that 34 people from the neighborhood should hand over their small arms to regime forces.

It was also agreed that those who did not accept the last article of the agreement would be expelled from the neighborhood and emigrated to the north of the country.

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