The climate crisis is worsening: the USA declared a shortage in the largest water reserve in the country!

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The US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) officially declared for the first time the “water shortage” in the Mead Reservoir, the largest water reservoir in the United States, created by the Hoover Dam built on the Colorado River.

Due to the drought in the west of the country, Lake Mead fell 40 percent below capacity for the first time this year.

The Bureau of Reclamation reported that a famine was declared in 2022, when the lake’s water level was expected to drop further.

After this announcement, the water from the Colorado River will be redistributed according to the agreements and the cuts will begin.

It is predicted that the state of Arizona, which will lose 18 percent of the water it receives from the river, will be the most affected by power outages.

Nevada follows Arizona with 7 percent and Mexico with 5 percent.

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The Bureau of Reclamation reported that the upper Colorado River basin experienced a very dry spring this year, with flow remaining at 26% of seasonal norms from April to June.

Lake Mead’s water level has been declining since 1999, experts say due to rising air temperatures, decreasing snow water supplying the Colorado River, and the overconsumption that accompanies the growth. demographic.

Experts also draw attention to the fact that the biggest “mega drought” of the past 500 years has occurred in the western United States since 2000 due to climate change.

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