The controversy over the coronavirus that has baffled the USA! Fauci’s emails leaked to the press

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In the United States, Buzzfeed and The Washington Post published Fauci’s emails between January 2020, when Kovid-19 emerged, and June 2020.

In the emails in question, although Fauci, who was working with the Donald Trump administration in the White House at the time, vehemently dismissed the theory that “the virus came out of the lab” on broadcasts in live and from press conferences, it is understood that his team is currently working on this theory.

Again, defending that the mask should be mandatory for everyone, Fauci emailed then-US Health Minister Alex Azar in February 2020, “Masks should actually be used for prevent infected people from spreading the virus. They are not used to protecting uninfected people. ” turned out to be written.


The attitude of Fauci, who is one of the most prominent names in the Kovid-19 pandemic in the United States and who was also the chief health adviser to US President Joe Biden, in the early days of the epidemic, divided the public in two.

Many conservative politicians and journalists demanded that Fauci be fired, saying he had misled the public.

Republican Senator Rand Paul called Fauci a “big cheat” in a statement on his Twitter account.
On the other hand, liberal figures said Fauci had acted “in cold blood” despite the burden placed on him in the early days of the pandemic.


On the other hand, Donald Trump, who at times had tough arguments with Fauci during his presidency, said in a written statement regarding the emails: “The American people are very lucky that I did not listen to Fauci. “. mentionned.

Trump said that when he wanted to impose a travel ban on China, Fauci objected, saying, “I didn’t listen to him and I brought this ban. The following days everyone understood what a good decision I made. ” used the expression.

Noting that China also allowed the pandemic to spread in the early days, Trump stressed that China should pay $ 10 trillion in compensation to the whole world.

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