The couple who wanted to name their baby Vladimir Putin in Sweden were not allowed!

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According to reports from State Radio SR, the couple living in the Laholms district of the Hallan region applied to the tax office to name their baby Vladimir Putin. In the statement made by the tax office, it was stated that this request was rejected, considering that the name in question could cause a tram in the child in the future.

The statement also said that it would not be appropriate to give children strong character names. In 2009, the tax office also rejected a request from a family living in Malmö to name their baby “Allah”. It is also illegal to name children “Devil” in Sweden.

According to the “Swedish Name Act”, parents must inform the tax office of the name they wish to give their child within 3 months of birth. The law in question was enacted in 1982 to prevent non-noble families from naming their children after noble families.

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