The deception of the German Ministry of Health has emerged: Scandalous plan masks!

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According to the news from Der Spigel, the ministry received 1 billion euros in masks last year. It was determined that the department had not performed the temperature resistance test and therefore the masks were not suitable.

It was stressed that the ministry wanted to distribute unnecessary masks to the elderly, the disabled and social assistance recipients without income, thus preventing the billion euros paid from being thrown away.

In the news, it was reported that the Ministry of Health had sought distribution approval from the Ministry of Labor for the distribution of the masks in question, but the ministry did not give it.


The Social Democratic Party Lars Klingbeil, coalition partner in Germany, criticized the Ministry of Health: “This process means moving forward and is an inhuman practice. mentionned.

Angelika Glöckner of the SPD also said that Health Minister Jens Spahn made many mistakes during the pandemic, adding: “Spahn is now trying to cover it up instead of admitting it. People with disabilities are not bad guinea pigs. decisions. ” mentionned.

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In the statement made by the Department of Health, Spiegel’s claims were denied.

In the statement, “The federal government has taken no decision regarding the destruction of the masks. In this regard, we do not know the relevant allegations and the basis for this news.” expression was used.

Stressing that great attention has been paid to the quality of the masks, the statement said: “The ministry did not accept the products and did not pay for them as long as deficiencies were found in the testing procedures.” shared information.

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