The disaster has passed tangentially to the space station!

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The disaster was narrowly averted on the ISS, the space station operating in Earth orbit.

A robotic arm attached to the International Space Station has become the target of space debris. The robot arm was damaged after the collision.

According to information from the British newspaper Daily Mail, the authorities were able to observe this accident a few days later.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) noticed the damage during a “routine inspection” on May 12 and shared photos of the crash with the public.

The following statements were included in CSA’s message on the subject;

“Despite the collision, the results of the current analysis show that the performance of the arm is not affected.”

The CSA also stressed that the robotic arm in question will continue its planned operations despite the collision.

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Experts have announced that the crash of the space junk in the module housing the astronauts could lead to disaster.


With the arrival of the SpaceX shuttle to the ISS in recent weeks, the number of astronauts in space has increased to 11. The largest population in space was in 2011 at 13 people.

Commenting on this historic moment on the ISS with humor, Japan Space Agency President Hiroshi Yamakawa said, “I believe the crowd here brings courage and hope to all of us in this difficult situation in the world.

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