The effect of the pandemic was reflected on the cover: The signature of the Turkish artist in the world famous magazine!

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Academician and graphic designer Doğan Ekşioğlu has signed the cover of New Yorker, one of the world’s leading magazines, for the 8th time after 10 years. In the May 24 issue of the magazine, the article about the post-pandemic opening period in the United States featured on the cover with the illustration of Ekşioğlu.

Stating that he always applied for cartoon competitions in his youth, Vice-President of Graphic Design Department of Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, Dr. Instructor Member Ekşioğlu said: “J won first place in the Sedat Simavi International Cartoon Competition organized by Hürriyet newspaper in 1984. Later in this competition, which was held under the name of Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, I received a total of 6 prizes. The importance of the competition was that the greatest designers and graphic designers in the world were part of its jury. When the members of the jury saw my works, they offered me to work abroad saying that I could do business abroad with these works. The conditions in which I was at the time were not suited to this.


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Explaining that he wrote a letter to world famous graphic designer Milton Glaser, who will later be remembered with the logo “I Love NY (New York)”, he requested a poster and sent his works in an envelope, and asked for a poster. continued his remarks as follows:

“A month later, I received a poster and a letter from Milton Glaser. I went to New York with the enthusiasm that I wrote in the letter: “Your work is excellent in its field”. I spoke to Glaser. Glaser said if I stayed in America I would be very popular in that market. I said that I should live in Turkey and that I can do business from Turkey to America. It’s me, Conde Nast Inc., the publishing house that brings together readers 12 publications, including Vogue and The New Yorker. He offered to meet him. I brought my file to Condé Nast with his management. The editor said my work was according to the New Yorker. His assistant took me to the New Yorker. After seeing my file, they said they wanted to work with me. After these encounters, my work covered the New Yorker a total of 7 times until 2011, the first of which was in 1992. After 10 years, I did this pandemic coverage. What I felt were the emotions felt by everyone dealing with the pandemic, and that is why the cover received a lot of attention when it was released. “


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Ekşioğlu said where and when he is is not important and that he can do his job in any environment and said: “Posting my cover made me very happy. . The most important thing for an artist is to be appreciated for their work.


Emphasizing that illustration is not getting the value it deserves in Turkey, Ekşioğlu said, “Whatever I know and do, I show my students everything. I have very successful students. As an academician, I believe that increasing the number of illustration courses and opening up illustration departments in fine arts faculties will ensure that there will be more international illustrators. mentionned.

The effect of the pandemic was reflected on the cover: Turkish artist's signature in world-famous magazine

Ekşioğlu, who advises students to do the things they love and are capable of, said: “Always let them follow their dreams. Never give up. I encourage students to do what they like. “People are successful when they do the work they love, and every successful business brings economic freedom,” he said.

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