The event that surprised scientists! Could not overcome Covid-19 for 218 days … All tests were positive

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According to the study published in MedRxiv, which includes research from the Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) that has not yet received official approval in the field of medicine, scientists working at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, caught Kovid-19 and could not recover for 218 days .. met the patient.

It was reported that the male patient in his forties, who received aggressive cancer treatment that weakened the immune system before being taken with Kovid-19, was taken to Kovid-19 in early September 2020, and the tests carried out on him alone gave a negative result in April 2021.

Maria Cassia Mendes-Correa, of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sao Paulo, who conducted the research, said: “All PCR tests performed on the patient between the 6th and the 218th day after the onset of symptoms gave positive results. The virus was not only present in the body, but also reproduced. There was a risk of infecting others. “mentioned.

Tests showing that the virus is contagious in the patient’s body have been shown in laboratory studies with weekly samples.

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Mendes-Correa, recalling that the research patient stays in hospital most of the time, but is in home quarantine for a short time, “The ability of the virus to proliferate has been observed continuously and continuously for 196 days in a row. ” used the expression.

It was reported that the persistence of the virus was seen for most of the research period in the analyzes carried out from the blood, urine and anal region samples taken from the patient between January and April 2021.

In contrast, serological tests performed on the patient showed that the patient did not develop any antibodies against Kovid-19.

VIRUS mutated in the same body

In samples taken from the patient, the researchers found that the virus had mutated, some in the “spike” protein that allows Covid-19 to enter the human body.

Mendes-Correa said: “These data show that the mutation process normally observed in the population occurs within the same constitution. This is of concern as it promotes the emergence of viral variants better suited to the human organism.” he said.

Brazil, a South American country of more than 210 million inhabitants, is among the countries most affected by the epidemic in the world with more than half a million deaths from Kovid-19 and more than 18 million of cases.

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