The final election results announced in Morocco

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The Moroccan Interior Ministry announced the final results of the September 8 legislative elections with a turnout of 50.18%.

According to information from the official Moroccan agency MAP, the Moroccan Interior Ministry announced the final results of the legislative elections held in the country in a written statement.

According to the ministry statement, the National Union of Independents won the elections with 102 seats, while the Nobility and Contemporary Party took second place with 86 seats, and the Istiklal Party took third place with 81 seats.

The Socialist Union, which managed to send 35 deputies to parliament, came fourth, the Popular Movement with 29 deputies fifth, and Progress and Socialism, which won 21 seats, sixth.

While the Constitutional Union Party, which won 18 seats in parliament, was in seventh place, the Justice and Development Party, the government’s main partner, which won 125 deputies in the 2016 elections, fell. in eighth place with 13 seats. .

According to the press release from the Interior Ministry, other parties won the remaining 10 seats.

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