The fire in the Var was brought under control on the 5th day

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In the statement from the Var governorate, it was clarified that the forest fire that broke out in the Massif des Maures near the town of Gonfaron on August 16 was under control, but the flames were not yet completely extinguished. .

According to news from franceinfo and Le Parisien, in the investigation into the cause of the fire, the possibility that a cigarette butt thrown into the forest from the motorway area is the main cause of the flames prevails .

In the fire, in which 7 firefighters struggling with the flames were slightly injured, 2 people were killed, 19 people were poisoned by the smoke.

More than 8,000 hectares of land were destroyed in the blaze, in which around 1,200 firefighters fought.

Nearly 10,000 people and many campsites near the coast have been evacuated as a result of the blaze, which started with planes and helicopters, as well as firefighters.

On the other hand, 4 fires around the province of Aude in the south of the country and fires in many parts of the provinces of Vaucluse and Gard were also brought under control.

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