The fires have not affected tourism! The Germans did not cancel their vacation plans

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According to Deutsche Welle news, the German Travel Association (DRV) has announced that the forest fires that have affected parts of Greece, Turkey and Italy are not endangering the summer season. It was reported that the ongoing fires in the area had not caused vacationers to change their plans and there had been almost no cancellation requests.


In the press release, it was also pointed out that hotels set up by German travel agencies, especially in coastal areas, were only slightly affected by the fires in question. It was noted that those planning vacations to Turkey or Greece are frequently asked whether requests for information from agencies have increased, whether vacation regions or booked hotels have been affected by the fires.

In the statement from DRV, which represents travel agencies and tour operators, it was stated that “requests such as changing or canceling vacation plans are almost non-existent.” It was also emphasized that operators are closely monitoring the situation in fire zones in order to react quickly in case of emergency.

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