The first flight after the images of chaos is today!

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Hamid Karzai International Airport, which has witnessed chaotic scenes after the United States withdrew from the country and taken over by the Taliban, is ready for domestic flights after days.

While it is not clear where the plane will go at the airport where the landscaping was done for the first flight, it has been indicated that the route could be Herat or Mezar-i Sharif.


A Qatari plane landed in the region for the first time after the Taliban took control of the airport. The technical team brought by the plane continues to work.

The UAE plane is in the country for emergency assistance; He was said to be carrying food and medicine. It was reported that the two planes left Kabul.


The Taliban, who want the Kabul airport, which connects Afghanistan to the world, to be operational again, are discussing the issue with Turkey and Qatar.

The entire international community, including the United States, European countries and the United Nations, want Kabul airport to be activated as quickly as possible.

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