The government, which could not get a vote of confidence in Sweden, fell.

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In parliament, the vote of confidence presented by the far-right Swedish Democrats party, known for its anti-immigrant sentiment, was discussed.

During the vote, 109 deputies supported the government, while 181 deputies voted against the government. Thus, the Löfven government was unable to obtain a vote of confidence from the parliament.

Prime Minister Löfven, in a press statement after the vote, said: “We will talk, try different ways and make sure the country gets back to government as soon as possible.” used the sentences.

Löfven will resign in a week’s time and lead parliament to early elections or meet with the speaker of parliament and attempt to form a government again.

If Löfven fails, the task of forming a government will be handed over to the moderate Conservative Liberal Party.

The no-confidence vote came on the parliament’s agenda after the controversial bill that paved the way for newly built homes to raise rents at will for landlords.

After the minority government put in place by the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party in 2019 brought the bill to the agenda, the Left Party announced that it had withdrawn its support for the government.

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With this result, the government fell with a motion of censure in Sweden for the first time since 1958.

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