The Greeks are now collecting this book.

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The Greek Cypriot Ministry of Education, who could not digest the fact that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was included as “the hero of the Turks” in the England textbook and sent the instructions to teachers to “tear the page up” “, Went further and decided to have the book confiscated, stating that he found the book” inappropriate “. In the Greek Cypriot administration’s Ataturk Crisis, the Ministry of Education asked English teachers earlier this week when schools began face-to-face teaching: “Tear up the 36th page of the Oxford Discover Futures 3 Workbook test book read by the 11 students (high school 2) and then distribute it to the students, ”this one exploded.


The page the ministry demanded to be torn up with an emergency code describes the leaders who have marked the last century. In the workbook, it is requested that 5 English adjectives written in bold in the text in which Atatürk is described be correctly placed in the spaces of the 5 sentences below the text. In the play on Atatürk, who is presented as the founder of modern Turkey, with the title “The Greatest Hero of the Turks”; Adjectives such as “leader”, “prudent”, “moral”, “courageous”, “selfless” are used. The Greek teachers’ union said the ministry could not understand the “Tear up the page immediately” instruction.


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The Greek Ministry of Education, which decided to have the textbook published in England “inappropriate and unacceptable” and decided to have it confiscated, attacked Atatürk with ugly language in a written statement. Recalling that the Turks are preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the “Little Asia Disaster” (the name given to the War of Independence by the Greeks and Greeks) next year, the Greek Ministry of Education has said: “Atatürk is not a leader to be praised in the books. Atatürk, as we know him, is directly linked to the Armenian genocide, which is recognized in the USA, France and many countries around the world. He claimed that the genocide against the Pontic Greeks and Assyrians is linked to the ethnic cleansing of the Hellenes (Greeks) in Izmir and the surrounding areas.


Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, who attended a symposium hosted by 9 Eylül University in Izmir with TRNC chairman Ersin Tatar, reacted to the decision to tear up the English textbook page on Atatürk in the Greek Cypriot part. Akar said, “This is yet another example of a distorted and hostile mindset. This event clearly shows who and what we are dealing with. We vehemently reject, vehemently condemn. Really give up, ”he said.

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