The groom got drunk, the bride called off the wedding

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India, which did not fall on the agenda with the announcement of the coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic in recent days, is on the agenda with very interesting news this time.

The wedding, which took place on June 5 in the state of Uttar Pradesh, was the scene of some very interesting images.

According to India Today news, the groom and his friends came to the wedding drunk. The bride and her family initially ignored the plight of Ravendra Patel and her friends.

However, when the bride didn’t accept the offer to dance, the groom who forced her to get upset prompted the bride to call off the wedding.

Patel and his family contacted local police and asked them to mediate. But despite all efforts, the bride’s opinion has not changed.

The bride’s family claimed the groom and his friends insulted them while under the influence of alcohol and stressed that they had no choice but to call off the wedding.

The groom’s side taken prisoner

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According to the same news, the bride’s side, who wanted the gifts they gave before the wedding, took the captive groom’s side.

In the statement made by the police in this regard, it was stated that the family had been released after the return of the gifts.

India is famous for not canceling weddings no matter what. Last week, a bride in India had a heart attack during her own wedding, and after the bride died, the groom entered the world with the sister of the bride.

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