The horror of fire in Italy! 15-story building ravaged by flames

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According to information in the Italian press, those in the building were quickly evacuated after a fire broke out in a 15-story apartment where around 70 families live on Via Antonini Street, south of the city center from Milan.


As efforts by Italian firefighters to extinguish the building’s blaze continue, numerous ambulances have been dispatched to the area where the apartment is located.
Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala, who visited the scene to investigate, told reporters: “We have no reports of deaths or injuries at the moment.” used the expression.

Noting that the residents of the building were evacuated by firefighters from door to door, Sala noted that 20 people were taken out.
An eyewitness who remained in the building, speaking to Italian agency ANSA, said they jumped outside as soon as they smelled the smoke.

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