The immunization passport system comes into effect in Quebec

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The Premier of the province of Quebec, François Legault, said that the province is facing the start of the 4th wave of the Kovid-19 epidemic due to the Delta variant, and announced that it will switch to the system of vaccination passport in the coming days.

Noting that vaccination passports will soon be required to access non-essential services such as gyms and restaurants, Legault said fully vaccinated people will be able to benefit from these services with their vaccination codes.

“People who make an effort to get both doses of their vaccine should be able to live somewhat normal lives. No one wants to relive what we went through last year. We are therefore postponing surgeries because our hospitals are overcrowded, ”said Legault. noted.

The prime minister said the system will also allow the state to avoid widespread shutdowns that have been imposed so far due to the outbreak.

QRs or rapid response codes have been issued to people vaccinated in the province of Quebec in recent months.

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These codes, which can be printed or stored on a mobile device, can be scanned for information about a person’s immunization status.

Stating that the details of the request will be announced soon, Legault stressed that the growing number of cases and the possibility of more hospitalizations and deaths require the vaccination passport system.

Similar measures are in place in the states of Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, but Quebec will be the first state to apply the vaccination passport.

Worldwide, the vaccination passport system is in place in France and Italy.

As these two countries plan to expand the app to more businesses and services, the U.S. city of New York will also begin implementing the vaccination passport system later this month.

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