The Iranian director was murdered by his family … The bloody detail of the horrific murder has been revealed!

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The murder of Iranian director Babak Khorramdin by his parents caused shock and great debate in Iran.

Stating that they did not regret killing their son, the mother and father admitted in their statement to the police that they had already killed their daughters and son-in-law.

The body of director Babak Khorramdin was found smashed in a trash can in the Ekbatan neighborhood in western Tehran, the country’s capital, on Sunday.

After discovering on Monday that the body belonged to Khorramdin, the mother and father were arrested by security forces.

In their testimony to the police, the cold-blooded confession of the mother and father to the murder, saying that “they would kill their son again”, created a big debate in Iran.

In contrast, times when mother and father coldly carried body parts to the trash cans were detected by security cameras.

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The mother and father’s confession that they also killed their daughters and husbands has fueled confusion in Iran.

As Iranians appeared on social media as horrified by these events, discussions arose over how such a spiral of violence was viewed in a family.


According to Iranian media news, Abdullah Khorramdin, father of director Babak Khorramdin, 47, claimed that “his sons are single and lead immoral lives, and that they have mistreated them”.

On social media, it was claimed that Babak Khorramdin had an active social life and brought his friends from Tehran’s cultural and artistic community and film school to the house where he lived with his family.

According to the statement of Mohammad Shahriari, who is the head of the Assize Court in Tehran, the family admitted to also killing their daughters and their groom, and also to have dismembered their corpses and to have thrown them in the trash cans.

The Rokna news site wrote that director Babak Khorramdin was first drugged and then killed by his parents.

Father Abdullah Khorramdin claimed that he would have killed his two other children on the grounds that “they led an immoral life” had he not been taken into police custody.

“ My groom was smuggling people ”

Babak Khorramdin’s sister has long been known to be missing.

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Father Abdullah Khorramdin said his son-in-law said he was trafficking people and disappeared after his death, possibly because something had happened to him at the border.

The father said that after their son-in-law died, his daughters “ started living immoral lives, ” so they also killed their daughters.

On the other hand, it was alleged that Babak Khorramdin was about to find that his parents were linked to the death of his sister.

He made a film about his desire for his family in London

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Babak Khorramdin is remembered with candles and banners by his film students in Tehran.

Khorramdin moved to London after his film studies at the University of Tehran in 2009.

He made a short film about his desire for his family during his years in London.

After living in London for a few years, he returned to Tehran to teach cinema.


One of the reasons the murder of director Babak Khorramdin has sparked much debate in Iranian public opinion is that the murders that families claim to have committed “for reasons of honor” have become one of the headlines of. current events in the country.

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The body of gay Ali Fazeli Monfared, 20, known as Alireza to his friends and social media, was found in the town of Ahvaz earlier this month.

Her partner told BBC Persian that Monfared, who went missing on May 4, was killed by male relatives.

Monfared’s death has been strongly condemned by LGBT + activists both in Iran and around the world.

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