The K-Pop trend that goes around the world … Korean curiosity of Generation Z

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“K-pop groups usually consist of 5-7-9 people with their songs that oppose the events they are going through and address the issues of young people.


They often host celebrity fan meetings. In Western celebrity, there is a distance, a limited relationship between the celebrity and the fan. But in K-Pop groups, fans and members have a much more interactive relationship. He meets the mussels; It is very good for the desire for liberation of young people today. Generation Z makes this positive sense of freedom part of their identity. Criticism makes them more connected to each other.

AGE GROUP 12-18 …

When we look at the creation of BTC, the most famous of these groups, we see the statement from the producer: “We wanted to establish a group of friends where young people can rest”. A group where young people can talk about their problems, without looking down on them. It expresses the problems of the 12-18 age group. In their songs, they deal with issues such as identity issues, unemployment, family pressure, social pressure and harassment among friends. They send positive messages with their songs and daily life.

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