The last words of the young woman who died of the coronavirus in the hospital bed were “Get vaccinated”

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Alexandra Blankenbiller, 31, living in Florida, USA, was a strict Tiktok user. Unfortunately, the last videos shot and shared by the young woman were from the hospital bed … In the last video she took before her death, Alexandra said one thing to her followers: Please do -vaccinate yourself!

The young woman had not been vaccinated like many anti-vaccines. And sadly, he had to spend his last days in a hospital room, listening to the cries of pain from other Covid-19 patients, and in great pain himself, as he contracted COVID-19.

Alexandra died of complications from the coronavirus nine days after her last TikTok video, which she shot on August 15. The state of Florida, where the young woman lives, recently began recording the highest case and death rates since the start of the epidemic.

“I don’t have a lot of energy, so I’m going to act fast. Alexandra Blankenbiller, who has over 16,000 subscribers on TikTok, began her latest video with these words.

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“I am not vaccinated. I am not anti-vaccine. I was just scared and wanted to do my own research on this. I understand this is a mistake. I shouldn’t have waited. If you are 70% sure about the vaccine, go ahead and get the vaccine right away. Because that way you won’t end up in the hospital like me.

Alexandra died nine days after making this video, which was watched by 834,000 people.

In one of the videos she shot before this last video, the young woman explained that she was trying to persuade her family to get vaccinated. Alexandra was trying to persuade her parents to get vaccinated at the same time as them.

Blankenbiller has made vaccination appointments with his mother and two sisters. However, before the date of the appointment, they were all infected with the virus. Only Alexandra grew heavier. Alexandra’s sister Cristina said in a statement: “It is clear that this situation is very serious, but there is a lot of misinformation going around.”

The state of Florida is having its worst days since the recent coronavirus outbreak.

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The state, where only 54% of its population is vaccinated, has already surpassed last year’s death toll with an average of 244 deaths per day last week.

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