The latest situation in Afghanistan … Late statement by the Taliban regime: clashes intensify in Punjshir

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The Taliban regime was to be declared in Afghanistan on the first Friday after the US withdrawal, but that did not happen. Although the names of the members of the new administration have been determined to a large extent, the delay in the government’s announcement is attributed to the ongoing violent clashes in the Pençşir Valley. Experts say the Taliban are aiming either to suppress the resistance movement or to achieve reconciliation before the government’s declaration.


After 10 days of negotiations with the National Resistance Movement failed, the Taliban launched an intense attack on the Panjshir Valley. According to military observers in the region, the organization has directed 60 percent of its armed forces in Afghanistan. Experts agree that the Taliban, which obtained serious ammunition after the US withdrawal, is superior in terms of technical capability and morale. The Taliban also excel in the number of armed personnel, as they recruited large numbers of prisoners in the prisons as militants after overthrowing the government in Kabul.

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In contrast, members of the National Resistance Movement consist of former Afghan soldiers and Tajik fighters. The insurgents are positioned in the Pancşir Valley, which stretches for 80 kilometers. After the clashes that started the day before and escalated into the night, the parties claimed they had inflicted heavy losses on themselves.


In statements made by Twitter accounts close to the resistance, it is claimed that the Taliban suffered heavy losses. On the contrary, Bilal Karimi, the spokesman for the Taliban forces leading the Penjshir operation, argued that they have taken control of 20 percent of the valley and that the whole valley will fall within days.

Experts say the parties are trying to inflict as much harm on each other as possible before they sit down at the negotiating table. After the Taliban seized the Paryan district of Punjshir last night, activists opened fire in the air and celebrated in Kabul. Emrullah Salih, vice-president of former president Ashraf Ghani and declaring himself the new president of the country, after rumors spread that all of Pençşir had been taken, shared the message “There is no doubt that we are in a difficult situation, but resistance continues “on social media. The parties’ claims of superiority cannot be upheld as there is no healthy flow of information from the region.


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The resistance forces on the ground are commanded by Ahmed Masud, son of Shah Mesud, nicknamed “The Lion of Pancşir”, who once resisted the Soviets. The National Resistance Movement is demanding 30 percent representation and autonomy in the new government. Massoud said the Taliban “offered them a seat or two in government, but they refused.”


Dmitriy Jirnov, Russian Ambassador to Kabul, said: “Talks have stalled due to excessive demands from Ahmed Mesud and former Vice President Emrullah Salih.

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The latest situation in Afghanistan ... Late statement by the Taliban regime: clashes intensify in Punjshir


When asked if the US military would support the insurgents in Panjshir, the Pentagon replied, “The US military operation in Afghanistan is over. Russia has also announced that it will not intervene in the conflicts in favor of the Taliban or the resistance.

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