The minister confusing the Gulf has tendered his resignation

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Wahba said that “he made this decision so that the expressions he expressed in a program he attended would not be used against the Lebanese and the Lebanese.”

The Gulf Cooperation Council has asked Wahbe to formally apologize for his statements on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait called on Lebanese ambassadors in the country to their foreign ministries and handed them an official protest note. The Lebanese presidency made a statement saying: “This is his personal opinion, it does not reflect the attitude of the state”.

Wahba said: “Those who killed Khashoggi cannot speak this way,” after a Saudi official who was contacted live on a show he attended on Al-Hurra TV did not use the expression “dear” for President Avn. The minister also declared: “Friendly and brotherly countries have placed the terrorist organization DAESH in Nineveh and Enbar (in Iraq) and Tedmur (in Syria)”.

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