The name of the addiction he conquered: The Game

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Cam Adair, originally from Canada and living in Thailand, started playing video games at the age of 13. Adair, who became addicted to games due to bullying from his peers in school, played 16 hours a day for about 6 years. He spent his nights in front of the computer and his days sleeping. In this process, he was not eating properly and his physical and mental health was ruined. Deciding to kill himself, Adair gave up on that decision with a phone call and clung to life by getting psychological help. Adair then decided to help video game addicts by creating a platform and advice to young people around the world by telling his story.


Cam Adair, who recounts his experiences in a documentary titled Game Over, shared his story at the 5th International Congress on Technology Addiction hosted by the Green Crescent this year. Describing the night that was the turning point in his life, Adair said: “I wrote a suicide note and I was going to kill myself. A friend of mine called me and offered to go to the movies. If I hadn’t been there that night, I would have ended my life. Coming home from the cinema at night, I decided I needed help. “I talked to my dad and started therapy,” she said.


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Expressing why children need to play games and that it is more important to question this, Adair also gave advice to families: “Families should not blame themselves for their children’s addiction to computer or games. Because we are the first generation with such high technology. So it’s not their fault that they don’t know how to deal with it. “

The data from, founded by Adair, is also quite striking. According to this;
Every month, 75,000 people turn to this website for help in getting rid of gambling addiction.
60% of the candidates are between 18 and 24 years old. 90% of them are men.

30% of those who seek help from the site are those who come to the site for a parent addicted to games.
According to research, 22% of tech junkies are game junkies.


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Psychiatrist Prof. at the 5th Green Crescent Technology Addiction Congress. Dr. Hae Kook Lee shared research findings on gambling addiction during the COVID-19 period, stating, “Addiction is actually a brain’s survival response to stress. “

During COVID-19; The rate of those who reported that the habit of playing games has increased is 24.4%.

The habit of playing games increased the most among people in their twenties.

36.6% of those polled in their 20s said their gambling addiction increased during COVID-19.

teacher. Dr. Lee also shared the results of his research on the psychological effects of online gaming. As a result, the following have been observed in users:

Depression 8.7 percent Anxiety 13.1 percent Insomnia, that is, people with insomnia increased 8.3 percent.

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Australian professor of psychiatry Dr. Daniel King, on the other hand, said the video game industry has grown since 1972 and said spending on games during COVID-19 has increased from $ 150 billion in 2019 to $ 179.9 billion in 2020.

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