The nightmare continues in the USA … The queue for food and gas

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While US media reported that there were lines at gas stations in parts of Louisiana, it was learned that some supermarkets were selling a limited number of basic necessities such as water, ice cream, milk and bread.

On the other hand, grocery stores in the region report that there is no problem with their supply systems.

The reason for the problems in accessing food is that families who are short of gasoline stock up on food so as not to use their vehicles.


GasBuddy, the gas station tracking service, shows that in Louisiana’s two largest cities, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, about 67% of stations are gas-free.

Experts attribute the state’s gasoline shortage to increased demand due to people leaving the state and gasoline generators, and the inability of tankers to obtain gasoline from refineries due to power cuts in the pumps.

While supermarkets have been reported to provide mobile services to the most difficult neighborhoods due to lack of gasoline, drugstore chain Wallgreens has announced that they are providing mobile pharmacy services with 3 vehicles in the area.

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The site, which tracks power outages in the United States, shows that there is still no electricity in nearly 825,000 homes in the state.


Schools in Louisiana, which reopened in August after Covid-19, were closed due to Hurricane Ida.

Although no explanation has been given as to when 250,000 students will start school, it has not been announced when schools will reopen in areas where education has been interrupted, particularly in New Brunswick. -Orléans.

Experts say it may take up to six weeks for schools to reopen and for education to resume, first the electricity should be turned on, then those who left the area due to the hurricane must return home and survive quarantine. period.

In the state of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, where Category 4 Hurricane Ida struck with a speed of more than 240 kilometers, 9 people were killed and thousands of homes were destroyed.

It has been reported that it could take up to 3 weeks to restore power to some areas, particularly in the state of Louisiana, which was hit hardest by the hurricane.

At least 45 people have died in the northeastern states from rains caused by the hurricane, which slowed as it moved north and turned into a tropical storm.

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