The nightmare grows in El Salvador … 10 other bodies were found in the garden of the old police!

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In the Central American country of El Salvador, 10 other bodies were found in the garden of the home of the former police officer accused of murder.

Police officials said Hugo Osorio Chavez (51), who was kicked out of the police in 2005, found 10 other bodies in the garden of his home, 78 kilometers north, according to BBC reports. northwest of the capital San Salvador, and a total of 24 bodies were found in the garden of the former police house.

Noting that it is estimated that around 40 corpses will be removed from the garden, officials said it could take up to a month to remove all the corpses.

Chávez was detained in the town of Chalchuapa for killing a 57-year-old woman and her 26-year-old daughter in April, and an investigation has been opened against him.

Ten people suspected of helping Chavez have been arrested.

While forensic officers remove the skeletons, dozens of people who believe relatives of the missing might be among the corpses gather outside the house.

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Marleny Barrientos, one of the relatives of the missing who traveled to the area, is looking for her son who disappeared in 2015. The helpless woman said: “I came here hoping that maybe even among the corpses I would recognize my son’s face. ” he had revealed the horror of the situation.

The nightmare is developing in El Salvador ... 10 other bodies found in the garden of a former policeman

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