The number of cases of the Kovid-19 outbreak in Israel has exceeded 900,000

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In the written statement made by the Israeli Ministry of Health, it was stated that the Kovid-19 test of 3 thousand 371 people was positive in the last 24 hours and that 7 patients died.

Thus, it was stated that the number of people who lost their lives due to the virus in the country reached 6,000,542, and the total number of cases reached 902,000 148.

In the country where the number of active cases exceeded 31,000, it was noted that the condition of 360 of the patients was severe.

In Israel, which has managed to control the epidemic in recent months through vaccination, the requirement to wear masks in areas open on April 19 and in areas closed on June 15 has been lifted.

Due to the increase in cases, the obligation to wear a mask in closed areas began to apply again on June 25.

The Tel Aviv administration had reinstated some of the Kovid-19 restrictions due to the increase in cases.

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