The number of seats in the Greek Cypriot Parliament has been determined

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According to information published in the Greek Cypriot press, 366,000,608 voters voted and the turnout was 65.7%.

The Democratic Mobilization Party (DİSİ), a conservative center-right party, finished the elections in first place with 27.77% of the vote. The number of DISI deputies, which lost 2.9% of the vote compared to the 2016 election, rose from 18 to 17.

The Progressive Left Workers Party (AKEL), meanwhile, finished the election in second place with 22.32% of the vote, and lost 3.3% of the vote from the previous election. AKEL deputies go from 16 to 15.

The Greek Cypriot Democratic Nationalist Party (DIKO) came third at the polls. DIKO, which garnered 11.30 percent of the vote, lost 3.2 percent of the vote from the previous election. DİKO, which has 9 deputies in parliament, retained its number of seats.


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The so-called racist far right Turkey, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the National Popular Front (ELAM), which stands out for its xenophobia, increased their votes from 3.71 to 6.78. ELAM, which was represented by 2 deputies during the previous legislature, increased the number of deputies to 4.

The Social Democratic Movement (EDEK) became the fifth party with 6.72 votes. EDEK will be represented by 4 deputies in the Greek Cypriot Assembly.

The Democratic Front (DIPA), which won 6.11% of the vote, will be in Parliament with 4 and the Ecologist-Citizen Cooperation with 4.41 votes, with 3 deputies.

The new Parliament, which was formed following the elections held yesterday in the Greek side, will meet on June 10.

The Greek Cypriot administration continues its activities as an extension of the so-called Republic of Cyprus, which was established in 1960 as a partnership republic and in 1963 the Turkish Cypriots were ousted from power by force of arms.

The Greek part of the island, located in the south, is not recognized by Turkey.

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