The objection did not yield results: the request for a “green passport” begins in Corona … 400-1000 euros penalty for non-compliance!

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From today it has become mandatory to show a Covid document in many public places and events in Italy. In order for schools to open with physical participation during the period 2021-2022, teachers also had to have a Covid certificate.

With the decision of the Council of Ministers last night, teachers who do not have the Covid document, also called “green passport”, will no longer be admitted to schools since September.

The working relationship of teachers who do not work more than 5 days for this reason, which will be considered as “absenteeism without excuse”, will be suspended. No salary or allowance will be paid to these teachers.

The “green passport” requirement for teachers will cover all levels, from kindergarten to university. On the student side, a “green passport” will only be required from those studying in universities.

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In Italy, the documents given to those who have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, to those who have recovered from the disease in the last 6 months and to those who have a negative test result in the last 2 days are considered “green passports”. Under the “green passport”, rapid antigenic tests or molecular tests are considered valid.

From September, the “green passport” will be compulsory for transport vehicles such as planes, trains and boats.

In addition, the “green passport” requirement begins to apply to many venues and collective events across the country as of today.

The objection did not yield results: the green passport application begins in Corona ... 400-1000 euros fine for non-compliance

From today it will be necessary to present a Covid document in order to access many places and public services such as the interior parts of restaurants, swimming pools, gymnasiums, museums, cinemas, shows, sporting events, fairs, congresses, amusement parks.

Operators or customers who fail to comply with this obligation may be fined between 400 and 1,000 euros. If the violation is repeated 3 times, businesses can be closed for 1-10 days.


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The Covid certificate requirement will apply to people over 12 years old. To date, 62 percent of the population over 12 in the country have completed their doses of the vaccine.

Pfizer / BioNTech, Janssen, Moderna and Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) vaccines are used in the vaccination campaign in Italy. For a “green passport”, it is necessary to have one of these vaccines.

After the government announced the “green passport” requirement, some groups, including anti-vaccination groups, staged protests across the country. However, after the “green passport” requirement, there has been an increase in vaccination appointments.

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The objection did not yield results: the green passport application begins in Corona ... 400-1000 euros fine for non-compliance

Almost two-thirds of the public support the “green passport” requirement, according to a survey by research firm Ipsos.

7 percent of those who took the same survey said they would not be vaccinated, and 10 percent said they had doubts about the vaccine.

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